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2024 Summer School Programme

Lift Up Your Hearts

Do come and enjoy ‘Lift Up Your Hearts’. It is just 15 minutes of very relaxed non-denominational reflection that takes place in the Derwent Room from Monday to Thursday at 08.00, and frankly is a bit of peace before the busy Swanwick day kicks in!

Each LUYH is different, as they are taken by our own Swanwick members, so the accent is unique to each time. Sometimes they are traditional, with hymns and readings, or there may be a sharing of music, or a particular prayer or some poetry or experiences that have meant something to one of us - and often touch a chord with others, too. 

You are all most welcome to just come along. Don't worry if it is your first Summer School, or you are on your own - it won't matter a jot. You'll soon feel part of the wonderful Swanwick 'family'.

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