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2024 Summer School Programme

Tutor 1:1 Sessions

Each tutor offering 1:1s has limited availability. Please book early to avoid disappointment. £30 per session.


Once you have made your selection(s) from the list shown here, click the Book Now link below to make your purchase. This will take you to the general booking page where you can select 1:1s. Thank you. 

Allison Chisholme

1:1 with Alison Chisholm


Liz Horrocks

1:1 with Elizabeth Horrocks

English: punctuation and grammar; appropriate names; history of the English language

Neil Zoladkiewicz

1:1 with Neil Zoladkiewicz


Andy Roberts

1:1 with Andrew Roberts

Writing Action

Zana Frood

1:1 with Zana Frood

Publishing Blocks: What are your blocks to getting published and what can you do about them? 

Glenis Moore

1:1 with Glenis Moore

Traditional Poetry

Elizabeth Hurst

1:1 with Liz Hurst


Erotic Romance

Historical Fiction


Graham Bartlett

1:1 with Graham Bartlett

UK Policing




Denise Baden

1:1 with Denise Baden 

General Writing Advice

First Pages


Special interest areas covered

Esther Chilton

1:1 with Esther Chilton

Short Stories

Competition Entries

Novel Writing


Jacky Gramosi Collins

1:1 with Jacky Gramosi Collins

Crime fiction

Moral dilemmas in crime

Sleuthing partners


1:1 with Bea Hutchings

Writing and Performing

Spoken Word  

Performance Poetry

Maggie Cobbett

1:1 with Maggie Cobbett

Writing Magazine Fillers

Fiona Lloyd

1:1 with Fiona Lloyd

Public Speaking

Planning a talk 

Jo Fenton

1:1 with Jo Fenton

Crime Writing



Val Penny

1:1 with Val Penny

Writing Crime Fiction

Getting Published

Writing a Twist in the Tale

Lizzie Chantree

1:1 with Lizzie Chantree

Marketing your Work 

Social Media Strategies

How to Network as an Author

Allison Symes

1:1 with Allison Symes

Flash Fiction 

Short Stories

Editing - General tips, 1000 words maximum

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