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Why Swanwick?

  • The benefits of attending the Writers' Summer School residential conference are many fold. It's a unique environment for scribes of all abilities and interests to share their writing journeys with like-minded creatives in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside...

  • Swanwick is famous for its high-quality programme of talks, courses, workshops and extra-curricular activities. You can attend as many or as few courses or events as you like. It's YOUR week, so select your pace each day. 

We asked previous delegates to share their experiences of the Summer School. Here is a selection of responses:

​'... the freedom to choose courses, time to write, the laughter and a wonderful atmosphere.'

'Spending a week amongst so many creative people is a real privilege.'

'A lovely environment to spend a life-enhancing time away.'

'It is truly the best week of my year.'

'I enjoyed the entire experience and friendly atmosphere.'

'It was great to select courses during the week rather than ​having to pre-book.'​

'Poetry, crime, scriptwriting... such a wonderful balance of different topics to enjoy.'

'...this year I felt the Community spirit and sense of belonging were more real than ever.'

'Often wished I could be in two places at once... it was a rich learning experience.'


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