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Curtain Call

Page to Stage 

Page to Stage 

Back by popular demand!


Sorely missed in 2023, Page to Stage is the Writers’ Summer School’s 'play in three days', where we take a short script (submitted by a delegate and selected in advance), cast it, add a director, and then perform a 'Rehearsed Reading' on the evening of the third day. If you love scriptwriting, characterisation, collaboration and performing, then you’ll love Page to Stage!


The entire process begins with you - write a short script to run in five minutes or less, and submit it. We have two categories, Comedy and Drama. Seven plays will be selected from the submissions, and these will be further developed during three days of reading, refining and rehearsing - nobody has to learn any lines! An audience of fellow delegates will watch the live performance and vote for their favourites.




Actress on stage
The Swannies

Tips for success and details of how to submit your script are here: 

The outcome will be announced at the beginning of July, and the successful playwrights will be expected to bring copies of their scripts, and any props required, to the School in August. We will invite delegates to step up and volunteer to act in or direct the plays, thereby forming seven miniature Companies.


Winners will be announced at the end of the week at the Swannie Awards: recognition for our best in category participants. This will form part of our final evening of celebrations. 

It's great fun, so get your writing cap on. What are you waiting for? 

The three days end with each little Company performing a “Rehearsed Reading” – no-one has to learn any lines! – to an audience of fellow delegates, who will then vote for their favourites in the two categories.


Script Writing
A script ready for submission

The submission window opens on the 1st of March and closes on the 31st of May. Instructions for submitting can be found here: 

After the window closes, a team of independent reviewers will read through the anonymised plays and select the most promising candidates in each of the two categories. 

A few days after submitting your play, you will receive an acknowledgement from one of the team. If you don’t hear within one week, please email: to check that your play was received. Authors will be notified of their success or otherwise by the 7th of July. Successful authors should not make material changes after that time. The prize for being selected at this stage is the opportunity to see your play develop and grow with the inputs of a director and cast.

We regret we cannot enter a discussion with those whose plays are not selected. 

Good Luck!

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