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Friends of Swanwick 

Our School needs you! 


Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of Swanwick, we can help reach more writers

who might not otherwise attend the Summer School.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Assisted Places Scheme

Helping writers access the School
on a low income

The Assisted Places Scheme should help and support writers who cannot afford the full cost of the week, and to enable them to benefit from the experience that Swanwick offers.

The ‘Friends of Swanwick’ fund, which relies on donations and grant money, provides subsidised places for successful applicants of the School's Assisted Place Scheme, which includes TopWrite for young adults. 

See below how to donate to this worthy cause. Thank you. 

All Hands In

TopWrite Scheme

Encouraging young writers to benefit
from Swanwick

Our TopWrite access scheme is for aspiring young writers aged 18-30 to attend the School because of a heavily discounted place (about twenty percent of the cost of a full-price ticket).


The application process seeks young writers who are committed to writing and are eager for an opportunity to be introduced to what writing as a career might actually be like?

Image by Tim Mossholder
All Hands In
Hands Together

How to Join
Friends of Swanwick 

In the sections above, you can see how Friends of Swanwick donations help bring writers to the School, who would otherwise not be able to. 


Please donate to this worthy cause and enable more writers to access the School to enhance their creativity, and nurture their health and wellbeing among fellow writers within the Swanwick Writers' community. 


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